About Tac+On

About Tac+On

Virtual Company – Real People

Tac+On Ready, LLC – Helping Ready The Self-Reliant

We are a small but growing patriot company based in Glendale, Colorado. We have satellite offices in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Florida and are expanding rapidly since our initial business launch.

Founded by two lifelong friends with a passion for tactical shooting, we had the vision of helping civilians, patriots and Law Enforcement professionals obtain high quality gear and products that will help them become more self-reliant and be able to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of an emergency.

Since inception, we have pulled other friends and family into the business to help us be successful and provide the best possible customer care we can provide, develop new products and continue to grow as a company founded on sound business principles, ethics of hard work and modern internet business strategies.

We Are Here To Help You – Ask Any Questions

Our goal is to help provide tactical firearm, emergency preparedness and survival solutions for as many people as possible, so we have made our high quality bullpups, ballistic shields and ITAKs as affordable as possible. This exclusive products are  literally turning the industry on it’s head – changing the minds of many people who have had poor experiences with other inferior products.

We realize you may have some questions before you buy from us. While we strive to answer most of the common questions right here for you, there may be some odd questions that come up based on previous experiences, myths or confusing and conflicting opinions. No problem… just send us the questions and we will do everything we can to answer them, get you the right information you need and help you with your decision.

By reducing our margins, focusing our attention on web based sales direct to the public, and not chasing after the “brick and mortar” traditional business model – we are able to offer these exclusive below MSRP pricing, provide better service before and after the sale and ultimately help more people.

Any Questions?

Customer Testimonials

Quality was expected, very well built.. Gun feels a little heavier but a bit of that may be do to the change of center balance making it feel a bit heavier. I added a thin piece of foam tap to my receiver next to the trigger connecting rod to reduce a little rattle. I will have to say I was even more impressed by the sellers fabulous customer service and going above and beyond to fulfill my needs. Communication was excellent! Shipping was also extremely fast!! Future customer for sure.

Gun Junkie

I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Their customer service is top-notch, and they went above and beyond in their attempt to get this to me ASAP. I would do business with them again in an instant. “

Bob M.

“I can’t say enough about how much it makes me proud to have purchased a product with this level of customer support backing it up. I’ve been in customer service and product support for 13 years or so and it makes me really happy to know that there are those out there in the both of you who ensure the customer is completely taken care of, not only on the back-end but up-front prior to even receiving the product, which says a lot about the heart that goes into the work. You guys are great!!”

Awesome look, awesome feel, awesome support, awesome product! ***** “If you have an 870 and looking to beef it up for home security, increase ease of use and compactness, or simply to look awesome.. GET THIS NOW. Its durable and takes the 870 and amplifies the intensity of the beast and puts it all in a small package that’s easy to tote and gets everyone’s full attention. The seller is AMAZING with their level of support and willingness to assist and responds to any question you may have immediately and you can feel confident that you will be taken care of. I was blown away by their level of support and I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. Get this conversion and stop looking for what to do next… if you don’t own an 870, do what I did and go buy one and then get this conversion. Thank you for the great product and support!”

Mr. Tactical

“These guys are on it, they respond to emails fast and will answer any questions you have. The stock is freakin awesome 25 rounds so far without one hiccup.”

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