Bullpup Advantage

The BullPup Advantage

It’s common knowledge that a 12 ga Shotgun is one of, if not the very best home defense weapon you could possibly own. While there are some that will debate this question, it’s hard to argue with nearly an infinite selection of non-lethal to lethal ammunition, superior take down power and ease of use This makes the 12 ga the “go to” weapon of choice for home defenders, preppers, survivalists and professionals like Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Most 12 ga shotguns however, have one flaw – their overall length – when it comes to close quarters defense, like you may encounter in most American homes or businesses today. The shortest legal barrel length for a civilian shotgun is 18”, but that translates into well over 38” in total length, making even the so-called home defender models unwieldy in tight spaces. Tight corners, small apartment bedrooms, galley kitchens, bathrooms or even corner offices pose a significant tactical challenge with a legal length 18” barrel shotgun – until now.

You can leverage tight spaces into significant tactical advantage – if you have the correct tactics and tools to be a force multiplier for your defensive weapon. Enter the Tactical Bullpup Shotgun.

This simple conversion kit (NO – you don’t have to be a gunsmith or FFL Dealer to install the kit) will take your full legal length 38.5” traditional “bird-gun” to a mere 28.5” long (which is shorter even than typical Police lethal versions with collapsible buttstocks and Law Enforcement Only shorter barrels) – allowing you to maneuver the tightest corners and spaces with tactical ease maintaining your tactical advantage.

Tactical BullPup Advantages

When milliseconds count, you want to be able to find and hit your target, maintain that target and deliver your ordinance as effectively as possible
With a shorter overall weapon length, you can focus on moving tactically through your environment without worrying about bumping your barrel on walls, counters, cabinets or other common obstacles. This helps you maintain elements of surprise, tactical cover and concealment and usage of your environment.
This is especially true for ladies, but is a significant factor for male shooters as well. The tighter control, easier sight picture and smaller design are easier to manipulate and carry. The oversized loading port makes reloading on the move easier and faster, while still maintaining a ready position. Many shooters report to us a reduction in perceived recoil due to the compact nature and improved balance, making the experience even better behind the trigger.
Weather proof and nearly indestructible, this stock may well outlast the shotgun you put inside it. The matte, non-reflective black finish has an easy to grip texture for sure grip, even in the worst of conditions.
Adding optics, slings, flashlights and other tactical gear is as simple as “slap it on” and go. Mount single or dual point combat slings in multiple locations, giving you a customizable fit and functionality.
One of the biggest problems, especially in the dark or under stress is weapon familiarity. We solved this challenge by giving you a familiar AR style grip and safety paired with the simplicity of the forend pump grip giving you an extraordinary shooting experience.
Ensuring that you can move the slide to load new shot shells was a paramount for us. What good is a great looking functional weapon, that doesn’t operate properly? We go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every Tactical Bullpup operates as well as it functions. Paired with the ergonomically designed and easy to grip slide action foregrip the experience shooting will be smooth fast and efficient.
We know that many of our shooters are lefties who have adapted to shoot right handed for convenience. However, we wanted to ensure that even lefties who shoot left handed can operate the 870 Tactical Bullpup safely and effectively with our exclusive Shell Deflector. Please note – very aggressive military trained left handed shooters may find they need to adjust their stance and weapon handling to accommodate the Shell Deflector.
We include a compartment under the buttpad to stow your take down tools, so you can field strip and clean quickly and efficiently. Everyone hates having to look for those special tools, but with the ride-along stowage, you will always have what you need, right at your fingertips.

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