Export Information

If you have the correct shotgun then we move to the exporting restrictions that I have from my State Department. I will need a letter (email is fine) from you, stating that the kit is legal for you to own and possess, that you will only use the kit for legal purpose, that you are not a member of the military and that you are not an Enemy of the United States. I will also need a copy of your photo identification, you can black out things like date of birth etc. I just need your picture and your name because I have to check your name against the "Enemies of the United States" list. If I have all these documents and you are not on the list - we are good to go! 

I will need to get a shipping address so that I can give you a shipping quote and I need to know what currency you will be paying in. Sorry, but these are my requirements that my government places on me to be able to ship internationally. 

Thank you for your interest and your business, please let me know you would like to proceed.
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